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The first appearance of the phrase "noot nat dit," is from a passage in the Papyrus of Ani purchased by Sir E.A. Wallace Budge, which, were it not for the work of Rene Schwaller De Lubicz, would have been lost to history. Phonetically it would sound: newt naught dit. According to De Lubicz it refers to "the simultaneity of opposite states." The conjunction occurs with the realization of the Ka and the Ba within the confines of corporeal existence. Where the Ba (represented as a bird form) can be rudimentarily understood as the "soul," or the individual aspect of the human being. While the Ka is the ever-present life force, often represented as a double image. Life is said to have come to its end when the Ka departs the body, at which time the Ba would ascend and join the Ka in the afterlife. Julian Jaynes, in continuing the work of De Lubicz, has further speculated that this state, noot nat dit, corresponds to the moment in human history when consciousness split from the unconscious and modern man was born. This moment is commonly understood as the breaking of the tower of Babel. Cleary more study is duly warranted. - b. greene